Personal Data Protection Policy

In order to be provided with better service, the first time you send an order to T-caine, you have to register as a member at  by filling in the special form. This will open up an account and create a user profile. Access to this account, which will enable you to view your purchase history, order status etc., will be granted once you enter your unique security codes (username & password). Registered members of must secure the privacy of their personal codes and not disclose them (even by negligence) or permit their use to others. Changing your password regularly is recommended for securing privacy. The company reserves the right to seek damages caused by liable violation of the above mentioned obligations.  

The accuracy of your personal and contact information is very important for the completion of your online transaction with          T-caine. Therefore, it is advised that you recheck your application form for any errors. T-caine disclaims any responsibility if any of its contractual or lawful obligations are not met correctly and/or promptly due to your sending incorrect personal information. In any case, you are obligated to update your account’s information whenever necessary.

Upon completion of the form, and before sending it, you are asked to give T-caine written consent to use your personal information according to the terms and regulations of Greek legislation and especially of law ν.2472/1997.

Your personal information is gathered by T-caine for the specific purposes of conducting transactions via and communicating with you for: the completion of your orders and invoices, facilitating delivery, servicing your requests and sending you notifications regarding its products and services. Your personal data will not be disclosed. Special exceptions include: ι) data that has to do with the execution and liquidation of online payments via pay pal ιι) data that is absolutely necessary for the completion of your order (transportation, storage etc.) by T caine’s affiliated companies.

By logging in, you will have total access to all your data. You will also be able to request the immediate removal of your data and the cancellation of your membership as well. Furthermore, you may, at any time, exercise your rights set forth by the articles     11-13 of law ν. 2472/1997.

T-caine will keep your information only for as long as you are a registered member of and/or for the duration of its transactions with you and will delete it immediately once you unregister and/or your transaction is completed.  

During your navigation in T– session cookies may be installed on your computer, even before your member registration.


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