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Download submission kit

Use our submission kit for presentation templates to create your designs.

Download the Submission Kit

Create your Design

We recommend using a program such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator to create your design. If you are designing in a raster program, make sure you design actual size at at least 150dpi. When you are done, transfer your design to the template. Save off a copy of your design as a gif, jpg or png. Keep in mind, the file you submit is for presentation purposes. If your design is selected we will ask you for high resolution artwork.

Upload a small preview of your design

This design file MUST be a 640 pixel wide jpg, gif or png no more than 800 pixels tall and under 250kb.

Design title & description

Reasons for rejecting
a submitted design

  • Your design may need some improvement, either because it is not clearly visible or the image is in low resolution.
  • Your design may be in violation of intellectual and industrial property rights legislation. T–caine accepts original work only.
  • Your design is not printable. T-caine uses the latest hi- tech printing methods: exclusively digital and in any color combination imaginable.
  • Your design contains the image of a famous person. T-caine does not accept any designs which may include images or references to famous people without their formal consent.
  • Your design contains material that is in violation of the law.

It is explicitly agreed that rejecting a submitted design or including it in the designer’s collection, remains at T-caine’s full discretion.

Terms of Use

Read the terms of use before you submit a design More