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Welcome to our e-shop www.t-caine.com (hereinafter “t-caine.com”) which belongs to the single proprietorship (hereinafter        “T–caine”) of Kyriaki Tachtsidou, father’s name Alexandros, based in Oreokastro Thessaloniki (6B Ioanninon Str.) with the distinctive title (trademark) “T–caine” (Tax Identification Number 122794516 A’ Tax Office of Thessaloniki) and whose specialization is providing advertising planning and other advertising services, as well as retailing of clothes through the internet.   Tel: 2310 694170, fax. 2310 751402. Contact Person: Kyriaki Tachtsidou.  

The promotion, presentation, sale, storage-transportation, delivery and, if applicable, return of any of T–caine’s products, displayed in this website, as well as the protection of your privacy and the security of your transactions, are governed by these terms of use, that you are requested to read before navigating in t–caine.com and making any purchases. Once you navigate in t-caine.com and proceed to any transaction or communication with T–caine, you simultaneously accept, unconditionally, these terms of use and declare that you have a very good command of the English language.

T-caine reserves the right to modify, renew or upgrade, at any time and without any prior notice to the user/consumer/visitor/member of t-caine.com (to everybody together or one by one) the following: a) a part or all of these terms and conditions, b) part or all of the contents of t-caine.com and c) part or the whole appearance, structure or composition of       t-caine.com, as well as its technical specifications. Also, t-caine reserves the right to cancel, postpone or terminate its operation, at any time, without any justification or prior notice to the user/consumer/visitor/member of t-caine.com. The user/ consumer/member of t-caine.com acknowledges and accepts, unconditionally, all of the above, just by navigating or/and using the services of t-caine.com.



The e-shop, T-caine.com, displays, promotes and sells the following products: 

(short-sleeved or long-sleeved) T – shirts, pullovers and any type of clothing. These products may be categorized according to the following three categories:

(a) T–caine collection (items created by T–caine), (b) designers’ collection (creations by designers and graphic designers),     (c) create your own collection (you may print your own design on the t-shirt or other product you choose).

In regards to category (b) (designers’ collection), the designers or graphic designers in question have to accept, unconditionally, the specific terms of the corresponding contract, which constitutes an integral part of these Terms of Use. 

In regards to category (c) (create your own collection), the prospective customers, have to accept, unconditionally, the specific terms of the contract that governs the use of “create your own”, which constitutes an integral part of these Terms of Use. 

T-caine reserves the right to freely select the products that are to be displayed and sold through T–caine.com and modify, renew or/and remove them at any time and without any prior notice. The same also stands for its invoice policy and any special offers and discounts, which it may choose to make freely  as well as modify, renew or/and remove at any time and without any prior notice or/and obligation to comply to any deadline



The first time you order an item(s), you have to register as a member at t-caine.com by filling in all the personal information requested in the special registration form. All the information you provide is protected by T-caine’s Personal Data Protection Policy,  which is an integral part of these terms of use. T-caine points out that you are solely responsible for securing the privacy of your personal codes and thus, must be very careful with them. You are also requested to inform T-caine, by sending an e-mail to support@t-caine.com, if you suspect that you have fallen victim of internet fraud and that your codes have been compromised. 

After this, you may navigate our e-shop, choose the items you like and place them in your shopping bag, where, following the instructions on the “Order Form” you fill in everything that is needed to make your request and send it to our company. 

When you send your order request, an automated message is sent to you containing the order information that T–caine will receive. Also, you promptly receive (within 24 hours) an e-mail with the indication “Order in Process”. 

When your order is being processed, the first thing that T-caine does is to check for availability of all the products you ordered. If, all of the products are available, then an e-mail with the indication “Order Confirmation” is sent to the e-mail address you have given us. This e-mail, which contains all data relevant to your order, confirms that your products are available and are ready to be sent to you. After this, your order is shipped and delivered to you in 5 – 10 days from the day you receive the “Order Confirmation”, whether it is for a shipment inside or outside of Greece. 

If, one or more of the products in your order are not available, or will be available after 10 days, you will receive an e-mail at the e-mail address you gave T-caine during your registration. 

T-caine may communicate with you via e-mail, at any time during your order processing, about anything that has to do with receiving, processing, executing and/or shipping of your order and/or payment and/or return of the products. This communication (via e-mail), legally, covers any obligation T-caine has towards informing you in writing and confirming your order. 



In order to provide you with the best service possible, T–caine uses Pay Pal as its only method of payment. Pay Pal (Pay Pal Europe S.ar.l. & Cie, S.C.A.) is the safest and most widely used internet payment service, globally. To use this service (and make a transaction via t – caine.com), you have to create a Pay Pal account, following the procedure described here . If you do not agree with Pay Pal being the only payment method available or you do not have a good command of the English language or any of the other languages in the Pay Pal User Agreement, you are requested to not proceed with your internet order because T-caine does not offer an alternative payment method (you can find the Pay Pal User Terms here). 

Once you buy a product from T-caine using Pay Pal, you automatically declare that you have a very good command of at least one of the languages used by Pay Pal and that you completely accept the exclusive payment method offered by T caine. 

Security of Transactions

By using Pay Pal, T caine ensures you high quality security services. The personal information you provide Pay Pal with (ie. credit card number and data, number of bank account etc.), in order to create your account, will never be revealed to a third party, including T–Caine. When you pay via Pay Pal you just give your e-mail address to the provider (Pay Pal) and T–caine will receive your payment, without having been granted any access to your personal financial information. Moreover, the security of your Pay Pal transactions is guaranteed by the innovative policies and methods used in preventing and controlling forgery, phishing and internet fraud. For more information regarding Pay Pal’s security policy, you may click here.


After you receive an e-mail with the indication “Order Confirmation”, the product/products you have ordered will be sent to you in 5 to 10 days. This e-mail will also inform you about the delivery charges, which depend on the delivery destination. In an effort to ensure that you receive high-quality, prompt and economic delivery services, T-caine has chosen to work with specific delivery companies. Taking into consideration that T-caine is not responsible for any (if applicable) customs clearance charges and provided there are no additional charges, which will clearly be stated in T-caine’s webpage and in any case in your order confirmation, delivery charges are as follows : Shipping details

T–caine and its associates take every measure necessary to ensure the timely delivery of your orders, according to the above timeline. In any case, it is not responsible for any delays due to events beyond its control. For instance, it is not responsible for customs delays, or any other delays due to interim loading – unloading stations, transport strikes or any other strikes etc. 



T-caine wants you to be completely satisfied with the products you have selected. If, however, for any reason, you are not satisfied, you have the right to return any product (from any of the above mentioned categories) within (30) calendar days of your receipt.You will not be responsible for any charges, other than return shipping costs (courier services, shipping companies, post office etc.). You may exercise you cancellation right, by filling in the Return – Cancellation Form, which will be included in your order. If you do not have your Return – Cancellation Form, please click here.  

It is clarified, however, that the 30 day return deadline begins on the date of receipt.  The return date indicated on the courrier, shipping company or post office stamp, or in any case the date we receive the returned item in our warehouse, will be proof that you have exercised your return - cancellation right in a timely fashion. You will only be charged with delivery costs of the returned item.

The item must be returned in the condition that it was sent to you by T–caine, meaning that it must be intact, with its label still on and it must not have been worn or washed, otherwise, (if any or all of these conditions are not met) the return will not be accepted.

Upon receiving the returned item, T–caine will determine whether all of the above conditions are met and the item is, indeed, intact and will proceed to refunding your money via Pay Pal. Therefore, your payment will be returned to you, either in your bank account or your credit card, according to the payment method you have chosen for your Pay Pal account. 



T-caine takes every measure possible to ensure that all of its products are packaged according to specific standards, so as to be delivered to you without any damages. However, if, upon receiving the product, you notice any damage or defect, you do not have to accept it and may return it to the carrier who delivered it to you, free of charge. This is why, we ask you to please check the items upon receiving them.

Subsequently, you are obligated to inform T–caine about the incident via e-mail at support@t-caine.com and declare whether you wish to receive a replacement or an interest-free refund for your order.  Refunding will be made exactly as it is described above, in section 6.

If you wish to receive a replacement, T – caine will process the new order, according to the procedure previously described and will send you an e-mail with the indication “Order in process”.

If you accept the item without expressing any specific reservation, then, this means that you have received it unconditionally.



You may cancel your order as follows:

a) Before completion of your order and T-caine’s subsequent shipment –  by sending an  e-mail to support@t-caine.com.

b) After receiving the product - by exercising your cancellation right as described above.



Your subscription to t-caine.com depends on you accepting the following terms on commenting and messaging in the website’s pages. It is strictly forbidden to post comments or send messages that are abusive, disrespectful, insulting, offensive or racist against the products contained in t-caine.com, T-caine, other users, or/and any other physical or legal entities. It is also forbidden to post any advertisements (sites, products, services) through commenting and/or messaging T-caine or/and other users of t-caine.com. Malicious comments/messages are forbidden, including anything that doesn’t have to do with t-caine.com, messages containing pornographic material and those that advertise methods of easy profit. Furthermore, messages containing anything regarding illegal software or methods for destroying protection software are forbidden. If a user copies a text or part of a text from another site or any other source (print or other), there has to be a citation and reference to the original source of the text. It is also prohibited to disclose other users’ or third parties’ personal data without permission. Personal information includes names, telephone numbers, addresses, photos, e-mails and passwords. In general, users of t-caine.com agree not to use its services for publishing texts / images / links containing material that violates national, European or international law.

Objections, complaints and questions relating to the actions of the administrator of t-caine.com should be submitted by sending him/her a personal message to info@t-caine.com and not by posting a public comment / message. Furthermore, every user has the right to “report” other users’ posts to info@t-caine.com, if they violate these terms of use, asking for the administrator to intervene at his discretion.

The administrator of t-caine.com reserves the right and the discretionary power to:

i)   Alter the messages’ formatting and spelling to make them more legible and presentable.

ii)  Exclude from publication in t-caine.com and delete from it, at any time and without notice, any comment / message posted by a user, which is in violation of these terms.

iii) Use information provided by users in any way it deems appropriate (ie. for the protection of personal data).

It cannot be assumed, in any way that T-caine accepts or endorses personal ideas or concepts expressed in t-caine.com. Users are solely responsible for their posts, comments or messages. T-caine and the administrator of t-caine.com may not assume any responsibility for other individuals’ or legal persons’ opinions or for any damages caused by a posted comment / message.

T-caine and the administrator of t-caine.com are not, in any way, responsible for the validity and accuracy of the information, opinions and comments contained in users’ messages and for users’ actions that are the result of messages and / or advice posted or provided by other users. 


Τhe whole content of t-caine.com (excluding anything owned by third parties ie. intellectual property of third parties, partners or other entities etc), namely but not limited to texts, photographs, designs, commercial and financial information, programs and any kind of records, labels/logos or layout, etc. in t-caine.com constitute T-caine’s intellectual property and are protected by the relevant provisions  of the Greek and European Law and the applicable international agreements regarding intellectual property rights.

Therefore, copying, distributing, transporting, altering, storing, reproducing, republishing, modifying or proceeding to any other action of this kind regarding all or part of T-caine’s products, without its prior, written consent, is prohibited.  

The user/consumer/visitor/member of t-caine.com accepts and acknowledges that the company may, at any time, commercialize (by itself or by others) and modify anything that is included in   t-caine.com.


In order to be provided with better service, the first time you send an order to T-caine, you have to register as a member at t-caine.gr by filling in the special form. This will open up an account and create a user profile. Access to this account, which will enable you to view your purchase history, order status etc., will be granted once you enter your unique security codes (username & password). Registered members of t-caine.com must secure the privacy of their personal codes and not disclose them (even by negligence) or permit their use to others. Changing your password regularly is recommended for securing privacy. The company reserves the right to seek damages caused by liable violation of the above mentioned obligations.

The accuracy of your personal and contact information is very important for the completion of your online transaction with t-caine. Therefore, it is advised that you recheck your application form for any errors. T-caine disclaims any responsibility if any of its contractual or lawful obligations are not met correctly and/or promptly due to your sending incorrect personal information. In any case, you are obligated to update your account’s information whenever necessary.

Upon completion of the form, and before sending it, you are asked to give T-caine written consent to use your personal information according to the terms and regulations of Greek legislation and especially of law ν.2472/1997.

Your personal information is gathered by T caine for the specific purposes of conducting transactions via t- caine.com and communicating with you for: the completion of your orders and invoices, facilitating delivery, servicing your requests and sending you notifications regarding its products and services. Your personal data will not be disclosed. Special exceptions include: i) data that has to do with the execution and liquidation of online payments via pay pal ii) data that is absolutely necessary for the completion of your order (transportation, storage etc.) by T-caine’s affiliated companies. 

By logging in, you will have total access to all your data. You will also be able to request the immediate removal of your data and the cancellation of your membership as well. Furthermore, you may, at any time, exercise your rights set forth by the articles 11-13 of law ν. 2472/1997.

T-caine will keep your information only for as long as you are a registered member of t-caine.com and/or for the duration of its transactions with you and will delete it immediately once you unregister and/or your transaction is completed. 

During your navigation in t – caine.com session cookies may be installed on your computer, even before registering as a member.



T-caine takes every precaution necessary for the continuous and uninterrupted operation of t-caine.com. However, it reserves the exclusive right to, permanently or temporarily, interrupt its operation with or without warning. Moreover, it is noted that using t-caine.com to send, publish, send via e-mail or other means, any content that is illegal, harmful, threatening, offensive, annoying, slanderous, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, violates the privacy of other(s), shows empathy, or expresses racial, ethnic or any other discrimination, may cause harm to minors in any way, is not allowed to be transmitted according to legislation, contractual or administrative relations (such as inside information, proprietary and confidential information gathered or disclosed as part of any employment relationship or covered by confidentiality agreements) violates any patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyright or other proprietary rights of others, or contains software viruses or any other codes, files or programs designed to interrupt, damage and destroy the equipment or operation of any computer software or hardware,  intentionally or unintentionally goes against the Greek and EU legislation, is prohibited.

T-caine takes every care possible to properly publish - display information regarding its products. In any case, it is not responsible for any errors in the e-shop’s listed and posted information (including but not limited to the listed price, availability, photograph, type, etc.) that may be due to, (including but not limited) technological failures or typing errors. If you find any error(s) before / or after the completion of your order, T caine requests that you send an e-mail to support@t-caine.com. If  you find the error(s) before placing your order, please do not proceed before the matter is clarified.

T-caine follows a free invoice policy based on its commercial strategy, always in accordance with the rules and regulations of the relevant legislation and especially those that have to do with the protection of competitiveness. T -caine reserves the right to modify the listed prices, change and/or retract any offers, at any time, with or without prior notice.



T-caine.com may contain references to websites, for the contents and services of which, T-caine does not bear any responsibility, nor can it guarantee their continuous and secure accessibility. Therefore, the user/visitor should directly address these websites’ administrators for any problems that may arise during their visit/use, since they are the ones that are solely responsible for restoring them. In no case is it to be assumed or considered that T-caine accepts or adopts the content or services of the above mentioned web sites, even if it does refer to them.



For any dispute that may arise regarding the use of t-caine.com, if its consensual resolution is not possible through negotiations and if mediation does not prove successful, it is up to the Courts of Thessaloniki to resolve it. For any dispute concerning the interpretation and application of these terms and conditions and any other matter concerning the use of t-caine.com, Greek legislation is applicable.



Any possible invalidity of any term included in this contract does not imply the invalidity of the whole contract.  



The user/consumer/visitor/member of t-caine.com declares to have read these terms and accepts them in their entirety acknowledging that they govern all of the services provided by T – caine.


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