Terms of Use


Read carefully the following terms and conditions and make sure you understand them fully. If you have any doubts regarding the rights and obligations derived from accepting these terms and entering into the relevant contract, please consult with your attorney.     

By clicking on the “I Accept” button, you accept that you have read and agree with the terms, thus entering into a contract with us. If you do not agree with one or more of the terms of this contract, do not click the “I Accept” button and do not continue using www.t-caine.com.  


Object of the Contract

Kyriaki A. Tachtsidou, in her private enterprise (hereinafter referred to as “T – caine”) which owns the online store www.t-caine.com (hereinafter “t-caine.com”), is interested in using your design (hereinafter “the design”) on her products, namely on short and long sleeved t-shirts, shirts, sweaters and, in general, any type of clothing (hereinafter “the products”), if she selects it after you have submitted it having read, understood and accepted the following terms and conditions and after you have clicked on the “I Accept” button.


Legal Capacity

In order for you to accept the following terms and enter into a contract with T–caine, you must have legal capacity according to Greek legislation and must be over 18 years old.

T-caine reserves the right to ask for proof of your age and, until you provide it, may suspend the application of the terms of this contract. 

T-caine may exclude from evaluation and without notice, any participants who, according to its assessment, do not meet the lawful criteria necessary for submitting designs or for any other reason, at its discretion.


Submission Procedure - Assessment of the design

Once you have clicked on the “I Accept” button, you have to follow the design submission procedure. Submission is followed by an assessment procedure. 

In order for a design to be selected, it has to fulfill high resolution graphics requirements which are suitable for printing. T-caine will determine whether your design is suitable for printing. The assessment and examination process of your design will last for up to 90 days from the date of submission to T–caine.  During this time, the reproduction, sale or submission of the design to others for any commercial or non-commercial purpose is prohibited. After the 90 day period has passed, and if your design is not be used by T-caine, you are free to use it for any commercial or non-commercial purpose.  

If T-caine rejects your design, it will inform you via e-mail at the e-mailing address in your request form. See here the reason for rejection.

When you submit your design, you pledge that: it is your own, original work, it has not previously been used for commercial purposes, it is free of burdens and restrictions, it is not the object of any kind of agreement, contract or negotiation and it does not contain any commercial seals, logos, licensed material and in any case, is not a third party’s intellectual property. 

If your design is being used or is going to be used anywhere else and you have already submitted it to T-caine, you are obligated to inform T-caine by sending an e-mail to submission@t-caine.com. The design will be deleted from T-caine’s files instantly. In any case, if your design is being used or reproduced for commercial purposes anywhere else, you may not use t-caine.com for promoting it, nor its proprietor or user. In any case, using t-caine.com to promote             T-caine’s competitors’ products or services is prohibited.


Design Selection

If your “design” is approved and selected by T-caine, you will be informed via e-mail regarding the procedure that is to be followed. A profile of each designer (hereinafter “The profile”) will be created in t-caine.com, which will contain the selected designs and their creator will be specifically mentioned. You, as the designer, will have a special account, accessed only by you, via a password. This will enable you to log in to your profile and view the transactions made regarding your design(s). You are fully responsible for the privacy of this password and you are obligated to inform T-caine if you feel that you have fallen victim to online fraud and your password has been compromised. You will automatically be informed via e-mail whenever a product that contains your design is sold. For every sale, you are entitled to 5% of the net sale value of each product (not including VAT).

When a sum equal to, or greater than 50 euros is accumulated in your account (after taxes, which will be mentioned in the following text), it will be paid to you via Pay Pal. Therefore, you will need to have (or create) a Pay Pal account and make it known to T-caine in the design submission form.  

If, from the day T-caine chooses your design, more than 120 days pass and you do not have 50 euros in your account, then, Τ-caine will proceed to transferring the amount you have accumulated, to your Pay Pal account.

T-caine is obligated to issue you receipts of expenditure, withhold the tax that is set forth by the Greek tax legislation and pay it to the appropriate Internal Revenue Office. If the sum that is to be paid to you by T-caine exceeds 4.999,00 euros then you are considered to be a trader and are obligated to issue T-caine an invoice for the services provided.  

T–caine sells its products, including those that contain your design, exclusively through the e-shop www.t-caine.com. Moreover, all of your sales, followed by their product codes, will be visible in your profile’s special account, to which only you will have access. Given T-caine’s obligation to do this, you explicitly waive any right to doubt the sales transactions of your products (or designs) as well as the right to sue regarding these transactions.  

T-caine reserves the right to change the terms of payment at any time, by posting the altered terms on t-caine.com or by informing you via e-mail. Payment will be issued according to the terms in effect during the moment of sale.   

In conclusion, you accept that T-caine reserves the right to remove your design from its website, at any time, even after it has been approved and selected.  


Intellectual Property Rights

Upon entering into this contract, submitting your deign and (following the evaluation procedure) having it accpeted by T-caine, you agree to grant T-caine full ownership of intellectual property rights for the whole design – namely every word, collocation, symbol, slogan, photograph, graphic and any other design that is included. Consequently, the use of your design, or its derivatives, either by you or by third parties, in regards to any type of product, is prohibited. It is explicitly agreed, however, that the use of your design in your portfolio as a sample of your work, is permitted. It is also explicitly agreed that you consent to T-caine’s actions or omissions in regards to exercising its intellectual property rights. T-caine also has the right to give third parties permission to use the design exclusively in regards to the products.


T-caine’s rights

If your design is selected by T-caine, it can be used in any way, in regards to the products. T-caine reserves the right to reproduce the design on its products and to sell them, to change or re-edit the design by altering the colors or the size of the “design”, to create derivatives of the “design”, to use the “design” in www.t-caine.com and in various promotional materials found in www.t-caine.com. T-caine may patent/register the design as a trademark in any Greek, European or international proper authority. The above mentioned patent/registration will be issued following an application by Kyriaki A. Tachtsidou , in her name and on her behalf. T-caine reserves the right to ask for any information that may be needed for securing intellectual property rights of the design and you are obligated to oblige, free of charge.    


Applicable Law and Other Conditions

The above mentioned terms and conditions (as well as all of the terms and conditions in www.t-caine.com), are binding. Any modification of these terms will be taken into consideration, only if it is expressed in writing and is embedded in the agreement. The terms which are expressed here have been drafted based on all of the Greek State’s rules of law, are governed by Greek law, by the existing and relevant laws of the European Union and the International Treaties, and construed in accordance with the rules of good faith, business ethics and social and economic purposes of the right. If any of the terms or provision of these terms of use are to be deemed void or voidable, this will not affect the validity of the rest of the terms and the interested parties will do, according to the above mentioned terms, everything in their power to replace them with new ones that will resemble, as much as possible, the ones that were deemed void or voidable.

For any dispute that may arise, if its consensual resolution is not possible through negotiations and if mediation does not prove successful, it is up to the Courts of Thessaloniki to resolve it. For any dispute concerning the interpretation and application of these terms and conditions, Greek legislation is applicable. 

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